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Avengers: Disassembled
Monkey King

Avengers did what I previously thought was impossible… it Leonidas-kicked Iron Man 1 off its throne and now reigns on my all-time favorite comic inspired movie. Nolan has a tough act to follow. The gauntlet has been dropped. I attribute this remarkable feat to Joss Whedon’s screenplay and the cast for the most part.  I will not spoil the film and simply state what I enjoyed in a vague manner.

What I loved:

  1. The cast embodied the characters that I grew up reading, especially Downey and Pines
  2. The incorporation elements of Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch’s version of Avengers (in my opinion at least) in the film
  3. The revelation of the Other’s Master
  4. The Other’s design and connection of the comic version of Fantastic Four
  5. The nod to the classic Thor and Hulk relationship
  6. Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson
  7. Tom Hiddleston captured all the resentment, sense of entitlement and bitterness that represents Marvel’s iteration of Loki
  8. The more humane and decent version of Ultimate Nick Fury (he’s a rotten & ruthless so & so on Millar’s book)

Things that caused Geekasm (due to be modeled after the much loved Mark Millar & Bryan Hitch run on the Ultimates):

  1. The use of the Chitauri (or a version of them) as the invading army was an interesting and unexpected move. This tied the movie universe closer to the Ultimate Universe because they were the first villains that the Ultimates (that reality's Avengers). I can understand the omission of Herr Kleiser (it relates to the omission of Nazis in Captain America).
  2. Clint Barton wearing his Ultimate costume and using this iteration's bow. His relationship with Black Widow and lethal efficiency further tied things to the Ultimate universe.

Overall Geekasm:

  1. The Black Widow wearing and using her Widow's bite.
  2. The brawl between Thor and Hulk, and the continued jock-frat boy relationship that they shared.
  3. The Other's Skrull-like chin because it gave a subtle clue about who the invading army was. It tied to Millar's Ultimate Fantastic Four because the more Skrull-like Skrull appeared after the Chitauri were defeated.

The Big Bad: Spoiler [Highlight to see text]

  1. Thanos appearing at the end of the Other's master. I didn't expect him at all since Loki and Thanos never interacted in the comics.
  2. The film iteration of the Mad Titan seems to be a mix of the 616 & Ultimate versions. His obsession with Death and smile when the Other mentioned Challenging them would court death tied him to the 616 iteration. His obsession with The Tesseract (Cosmic Cube), his extradimensional residence and command of a vast army tied him to the Ultimate version.
  3. I can only assume that the Mad Titan will attack Asgard in the Thor Sequel or at least send his minions there to acquire the cosmic cube. The fact that Loki was his faithful lapdog despite his ambition and desire to rule, speaks to the power he wields.

Minor quibbles:
  1. The Black Widow’s lack of a Russian Accent (but it didn’t take away from Scarlett’s performance
  2. The lack of a Loki betrayal, he’s the god of evil after all


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