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A possibly biased Greek Myth Buff's Review of Immortals
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My review of Tarsem Singh's Immortals will be spoiler free. My love of Greek mythology may have biased me positively (I loved Ninja Assassin because I still want to be a ninja despite being 30 years old).

The Olympians were depicted as young (and attractive) people instead middle aged folks, especially since the ancient Greek culture was so fixated physical perfection forms. These gods showed their prowess in combat and got their hands dirty instead fighting by proxy (Poseidon's tidal waves and sea monsters, Zeus' lightning bolt, Apollo's arrows, and Dionysus' murderous band of drunk women) as in most media productions.


Luke Evans provided a fresh interpretation of Zeus. He wasn't the typical rash and violence prone elderly king with the libido of a frat boy, he displayed the same level of fatherly compassion as Anthony Quinn's Zeus (y'all remember Kevin Sorbo's Hercules series). He generally cared about humanity and looked at them as something more than notches on his belt like the previous Zeus. He even showed compassion for his children (male and female) unlike the mythical Zeus who only seemed to care about his sons in varying levels.

Found several things interesting:

  1. Theseus' demigod status and divine paternity was seemingly replaced by a more tragic upbringing.
  2. The bovine suit that Daedalus made for Pasiphaë was transformed into a cruel torture device.
  3. The suit was still linked to the result of Pasiphaë and Mino's prized bull.
  4. The war between the Olympians and the Titans was similar to the war between the Aesir and Vanir of Norse mythology.
  5. The lack of Hades and the other major 12 Olympians.
  6. Apollo's weapon of choice was changed from a bow to a hammer.
  7. The racial diversity of the background cast (there were only Caucasian actors and actresses in these types of film).
  8. The religious ideologies of a believer, an atheist and an agnostic played out in the film.
  9. The removal of mere mortals dying when they behold a god's divinity.
  10. Zeus and Athena using disguises to interact with mortals.

Images courtesy of  IGN's Immortals review

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