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Pusher Man Returns (only in my head)
Monkey King

I have been toying around with Pusher Man reintroduction ideas. The Pusher Man was a drug dealer that sold MGH, mutant growth hormones. Mutant Growth Hormones is a drug that granted normal human superhuman abilities (usually based on the donor’s ability) or amplifies a posthuman’s super power. He also possesses a pair of gloves derived from the Fistigons. Fistigons are a pair of mechanical gauntlets created by the Steins; they allowed the user to project and manipulate flames. The Steins were a part of the Pride, a powerful criminal organization that had dominated the West Coast. The LAPD were in their pocket & no super villain or evil entity dared enter California. PM was fooled into believing the Pride was recruiting him by Chase Stein. His mistake resulted in his death at Kingpin’s order.

The first idea involves Pusher Man using Mr. Immortal-derived MGH before Kingpin’s goons arrived. It allowed him to survive the savage encounter. His damaged Fistigons were repaired and upgraded by former Atlas Corporation engineers. The gauntlets are bionic systems powered by designer MGH. The vials are integrated into the gloves and function as nanofactories. Raijin is a tetrawatt electrical projection. Brute is gravity field manipulation utilized to simulate superhuman strength. Sprite is molecular intangibility. Jotunn is gamma radiation enhanced size magnification. They also possess chameleon circuitry that allow them to replicate Stark’s repulsor beam technology, Von Doom’s shield system, and Death Head II’s bladed weapon.

The second idea involves the Pusher Man’s next of kin, Pusher Man II. PM II is the 17 year old cousin of the first who plans on avenging PM’s death and revolutionizing the MGH business. He developed a more potent form of MGH which he sells to criminal organizations like HYDRA and AIM for a greater profit. Pusher Man II installed a nanomachine failsafe in his MGH batch to prevent HYDRA and AIM from recreating his formula. He used his wealth to hire former Atlas Corporation engineers to construct an advanced version of the Fistigons. This version has the same functions as the one defined in the previous idea. The only differences are the dimensional storage device used to transport MGH shipments and the ability to transform into ring-like devices when inactive.


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